Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is a gigantic mushroom?a hammer? a fish basket?

Today is a exciting day,I visited Sculpture by the sea 2008 exhibation in top 2km Bondi to Tamarama coastal with my classmates.

So many fantastic sculptures absorbed my vision today. I show an opus that I sortted out to everybody.

See the picture,what is look like? a mushroom?a hammer?a fish basket?

The sulpture's name is ROGER RIGORTH

Materials:wood, coconut fibre and aluminium pipe.

When I saw it first time.I feel that is a giganic hammer,one weapon that been used in archaic China. But this hammer is not made by iron, just use the coconut fibre to knit the head,and the handle like a oar. Mybe the sculpture express wish that war and terror will be tied forever, and solve the problem by negotiating .

The auther of the sculpture, Lilywhite is based on the idea of a cocoon, something between a body and a vessel. It is about carrying things which cannot be seen, touched or smelt. Roger is fascinated with the need to move, to explore, to find things and leave old things behind. He is also fascinated with bodies, cocoons, shells and containers. The theme of this sculpture is that it is a kind of creature that has washed up on the shore of the beach. "We are surrounded by many invisible energies, thoughts, spoken words and things. This cocoon or 'creature' is an example, which collects these 'things', these stories from everywhere.'"

Roger is also influenced by tribal societies and their practical, spiritual and mental skills to cooperate with their surroundings and natural environment. He loves wool and all kinds of natural materials, everything which could possibly have a kind of soul."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visit Sculpture by the sea 2008 in Tuesday

Our class will vistit the Sculpture by the sea 2008 that is exhibited in Bandi beach tomorrow.

We will set out from Kogarah train station at 9:16 (if someone is going to get on train at the other station, they have to catch up with the same train we have taken in order that they can join us in the last carriage. For details, please check the CityRail timetable).We will arrive Bandi Junction at 9:51, and then we will take 380 bus at 10:00am after we walk to bus stop Bondi Junction Interchange Stand A. At about 10:09, We will Arrive Bandi beach and then begin our tour.

Our tour will be expected to finished at 1:15 pm, and the 381 bus will take us back to Bandi Junction at 1:31 so that we can catch up with the train at 1:48 pm to come back Kogarah. Our arriving time will probably at 2:19 pm.

What an exciting trip! Sculptures by the sea will recall you beautiful memories. Sky, sea, sunhine, beach, yeah, here is beautiful Sydney.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

About Sculpture by the Sea

The concept for Sculpture by the sea was the culmination of one thinking, it's thinking come from'Opera in the Park' and 'Symphony Under the Stars'. it's an exhibition and is free to public. It was taken place in Sydney in 1997. Sydney's 12th annual Sculpture by the Sea will transform the spectacular cliff top 2km Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk from 16 October - 2 November with over 100 sculptures from around the world. The exhibition will be seen by over 500,000 visitors viewing sculpture in its most varied form set against the beautiful back drop of the Tasman Sea and Bondi Beach.

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